A Simple Call

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We hear of Levi and the invitation that he received from Christ to follow Him. Jesus is not only calling Levi to follow Him but to leave something behind that was sinful. Remember that tax collectors were also known to be thieves as well, collecting more than what was due to keep some for themselves. Therefore, Jesus is asked at the end of the passage about why He dines in the presence of sinful people, they knew Levi was not living a morally acceptable life.

Then light shall rise for you in the darkness, and the gloom shall become for you like midday.

What Isaiah speaks of in the OT reading is what happens for Levi, a light begins to shine for him. What was gloom or darkness becomes bright as the midday sky. All this happens because he accepts the invitation of Christ. This is something that can and does happen when we turn away from sin and go to the one who calls us with His simple call.

Christ makes a simple call to all those who follow Him. Christ never got into large philosophical discussions to win people over, He made a simple invitation; “follow me”. Remember that the invitation to follow is simple. Somethings I feel that we holdout because the grandiose display of the sky opening or the sound of trumpets does not precede God’s invitation. If the Apostles never received any such things in their calling, who are we to expect some great thing to happen in our calling?

The call is simple. “Follow me.”

The answer is simple too. It takes a yes or a no.


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