Inaccuracies Made in Reporting the Marches

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The March for Life was described as a march of anti-abortion activists marching in response to the legality of abortion. The Women’s March happened the day after and is reported as a women’s movement. Both ways in which each march was identified as by the secular media are inaccurate.

They have flipped the meaning for the March for Life as something simply against abortion even while the identity is in the name: it is a march for life. To be be for something is to be a supporter of it. It follows that to be for life likewise means to be against those things that place life in jeopardy. By calling the March for Life something that is strictly anti-abortion is reducing it to something politically motivated. For many people the pro-life movement is more than politics. In fact, we march for life because we believe that the Supreme Court made a terrible decision the day it became legal for a woman to abort her unborn child.

The Women’s March sounds like it is a march for the empowerment of women, just like pro-life sounds like it is for all that life is. This is where these two marches differ. The Women’s March is more or less an anti-Trump march. The date that they choose to march doesn’t hide this as it is on the anniversary of his inauguration day. With their march being anti-Trump, it is certainly a politically driven march more than one that is to empower women to be ladies. In fact, many of the signs you see being held say things like, “I’m a nasty woman” and other things referencing parts of their anatomy or other sexually related things. Oh, and the pink hats (no explanation required)!

Without going into too much detail on either one of the marches the point that I want to make is how the much of the secular media is trying to hide the real intent of either of these groups. It is important to know this, so you can share it with other people. Knowing that others may not understand the pro-life movement because of the media’s distortion just as many think that the women’s march is about empowering women when really it’s about trashing the president and being vulgar.

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