Planned Parenthood vs. Gun Violence

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During the ‘March For Our Lives’ march on March 24th we see Planned Parenthood supporters holding signs that read, “Together We Fight For All”. I am not sure how one can be anymore blatantly hypocritical than those who held those signs. Planned Parenthood does not fight for all. This organization does not fight for the rights of the unborn children whose mothers come to their clinics for an abortion. They don’t fight for all when they terminate lives of innocent children in the womb, taking away their God-given right to life.

In an article on their website by Steffi Badanes it says gun violence is, “a public health crisis that claims an average of 96 live every day.” While that might seem like a large number, the number in the annual report for 2015-16 says that Planned Parenthood performed 328,348 abortions in that time. If you do the math it comes to about 922 abortions per day.

According to their numbers, each day Planned Parenthood kills 10 times more people in the womb than people get killed in gun violence. These people want others to think that, ‘Together We Fight For All,’ when in fact they don’t. Planned Parenthood will fight for some people, it just depends who you are. It’s pretty sad that the numbers that prove this come from their own website.

I’m not saying that there aren’t problems with gun violence in this country. It’s just that Planned Parenthood should consider the violence they do to unborn children before marching with signs that say they fight for all.



  1. Thank you for all your reflections Fr. Gow. Miss you at SJN!

    I pray that our youth will begin to understand the hypocrisy and extend their zeal to protect lives in the womb. If someone could just create a documentary that mirrored the outrage that follows the tragic shootings at schools for those hundreds of babies murdered each day.

    Maybe create a scenario that portrays what it would be like if the country and media responded to the abortions that occur in each state, each day like it was a mass killing by coordinated government funded terrorists. Make the initial story vague so viewers think it is story about a coordinated terrorist acts against our youth in vulnerable situations and locations. Then make the story come into focus toward the end that these locations are not schools but abortion clinics where murders are encouraged, funded and profited from. Treat the clinics like the mass killing zones they are with helicopters overhead and first responders. Create faces and stories for 922 lives that should have lived and been loved. People need to see the impact of that death has. Oh… and this whole story is going to repeat again tomorrow and forever unless we stop this. Tragic.

  2. Even before reading the article, I knew what the answer would be, it makes me wonder, do these people ever look at abortions as murder? It makes me sick to my stomach when ever I see people marching for the right to kill innocent

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